Santa Fe | Moto Road Trip

In eight hours I will be heading eastbound on my motorcycle destined for Santa Fe, NM.  My dear friend Janine will be joining me on her BMW R 700 GS.  Our plan is to arrive in Santa Fe on Tuesday afternoon and to stay for a couple of days.  We intend to back in LA next weekend. 

I'll be updating my blog daily outlining the highlights of our trip.  This is my first multi-day, multi-state trip.  I'm super excited!  Please feel free to leave comments. 


The trip was cancelled on Monday due to engine failure.  This is absolutely ok.  The new parts (stator and rectifier) arrived yesterday (Friday) and the motorcycle will be repaired soon. 

It's not about the destination, it's about the journey.  It's about how kind we are with ourselves when things don't go as planned.  I'll do the trip another time and I'll blog about it as well.  I'm so grateful that the engine issues occurred less than an hour away from home.  It's been an amazing week for me even though I wasn't in Santa Fe.  Here's a toast to life and equanimity!

Shaun White | Playstation Heroes | Make-A-Wish Foundation

A few weeks back on St. Patrick's Day I photographed two-time Gold Medalist and legendary snowboarder Shaun White at the flagship Burton Store in LA for Playstation.  I worked closely with the Sony team to capture his collaboration between the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Sony Playstation.  It was a fun shoot and it felt great to be part of an amazing cause to help children.

You can see the official video from the event here.

Michelle Berc | Sonic Being

I recently did a shoot with Michelle Berc of Sonic Being in Joshua Tree for her branding.  Please visit her website to learn more about her sound baths, which are amazing!

Bianca Di Cesare

I had the pleasure of working with pop star Bianca Di Cesare on a series of new images for her branding.  Here are a few for your enjoyment.  Visit the advertising section to see the high-resolution images.

Luna Love

This past Thursday I did a shoot with wellness guru Luna Love in Joshua Tree.  Here are the final retouched images from the shoot.  (These images are featured in the Advertising section.)

VSTROM 1000cc

The other day I picked up my Suzuki VSTROM 1000cc at Del Amo Motorsports in Long Beach, California.  Special thanks to the friendly folks at Del Amo for their superb service: AJ, JP and Terry!  Also, a big thank you to my friend and rock star chef, Patrick DiGiacamo for finding the bike in the first place!  I'm really looking forward to the many adventures ahead both on-road and off-road. 

The VSTROM came with everything I wanted: side cases, crash-bars, extra lights and an engine guard.  Nice!  I really wanted a silver bike and... I got it!  Under the green vinyl, which peeled off effortlessly I discovered the original paint job in superb condition! 

Here are a few photos for your enjoyment. 

Happy 50th Adriana!

This was a fun shoot... capturing a photo for Adriana Van de Pol's 50th birthday party invite.  The hand gesture means 'I love you' in sign language.  What a smart and thoughtful baby!

(in the voice of Billy Crystal)  "Adriana, You look marvelous!"

In celebration of Adriana | 50 revolutions around the sun!

In celebration of Adriana | 50 revolutions around the sun!

Photographer: Erik Borzi
Groomer: Jeffrey Fetzer
Photo Assist: Deborah Rogers

Joshua Tree Photo Safari

It's always a joy for me to flee (ha!) LA to nearby Joshua Tree for some much needed 'soul-recharging'.  Especially... to go with other photographers who enjoy playing in front of the camera.  My muse and amazing friend Asia joined me for my latest daycation.

Andrei Hedstrom

Good friend and brilliant artist, Andrei Hedstrom approached me to photograph him with his larger-than-life painting to be used for all his social media channels.  Andrei also asked me to create a postcard (featured below) to promote his gallery show at Piante Gallery located in Eureka, CA. 

Since the show, his paintings have started taking up residence all over the U.S. including the new Primary Children's Hospital located in Salt Lake City.

You can see more of Andrei's stunningly colorful and highly articulated creations on his website:

"Forest Meditation" By: Andrei Hedstrom | Oil on Canvas 6’x15′

"Forest Meditation" By: Andrei Hedstrom | Oil on Canvas 6’x15′


Elizabeth Woodard, a health consultant here in Los Angeles hired me to create this catchy postcard to promote her healthy lifestyle brand YummeYou.  She's been using the postcard with success to promote her workshops, which educate folks on how to make conscious and self-honoring dietary choices. 

Elizabeth Woodard | YummeYou

Elizabeth Woodard | YummeYou

Elizabeth was recently featured on CCTV in a special segment regarding processed foods and shares some helpful tips on what details to be aware of when shopping for groceries.  She invited me to be interviewed for the taping and I have a brief cameo.  Thank you, Elizabeth!  It's always a joy to work with you!

Coca Cola "Yawnbusters" | PSYOP LA

Here's another spot I worked on a while back with my good friends at PSYOP here in Venice, CA.  On this spot I lit a number of the shots, did shader/texture work as well as the shader for the Coca Cola liquid in the bottle.  Enjoy the spot!

Adidas "Quick Ain't Fair" | MPC LA

A while back I worked on this spot with the fine team at MPC here in Los Angeles.  I used Maya to texture and light the interior of the CGI shoe as well as the exterior.  Enjoy the spot!

Paul Bond

I'm feeling quite honored to have a portrait of me painted by Paul Bond; a brilliant surrealist artist from San Clemente, CA.  Paul approached me during the summer of 2014 with a request to take a few photos for a painting that he was working on.  A short month later he surprised me with this stunning painting! 

Thank you Paul!  I love it!

You can see more of Paul's beautiful paintings here:

Painting by: Paul Bond Title: "The Kindness of Erik Borzi"

Painting by: Paul Bond
Title: "The Kindness of Erik Borzi"

LA Photo Show

What a fun night!  It was great to see whats trending in the art photography scene at the LA Photo Show, Opening Night Gala with my dear friend... the lovely Ms. Adriana Van de Pol.

City of Angels | 2015.01.15 | LA Mart

City of Angels | 2015.01.15 | LA Mart

Happy 40th!

My good friend John Dill, DJ/Designer/Photographer turned 40 today!  Happy Birthday, brutha!  Dill modeled for several of the NYC Booq campaigns I photographed a while back.

City of Angels | 2015.01.03 | 6 AM after a 3-hour set with Pink Mammoth

City of Angels | 2015.01.03 | 6 AM after a 3-hour set with Pink Mammoth


Analog/Digital Light Pump.

City of Angels | 2015.01.02 | Castillo Beam Cannon

City of Angels | 2015.01.02 | Castillo Beam Cannon

Suzuki VSTROM 650

Today I took the motorcycle M1 test at the DMV and aced it!  Shortly after I went to visit my buddies at Del Amo Motosports in Redondo Beach to check out the Suzuki VSTROM 650. 

With photography adventures in mind, I'm planning for several desert excursions in 2015 throughout the Western United States.  If you're into motorcycles and live near L.A., then be sure to visit Del Amo Motorsports - say hello to Dave Caren and Charlie Anderson; they're both first-rate guys.  The whole team at Del Amo is super-friendly and very knowledgeable.

After looking at a lot of bikes lately this beauty caught my eye.  All she needs is: crash-bars, a skid-plate, hand-guards and side-cases... then she'll be ready for some adventures!

Suzuki VSTROM 650

Suzuki VSTROM 650