Erik Borzi

Erik Borzi is a Los Angeles-based photographer and director specializing in events, architecture, interiors, commercial spaces, and exhibit booths.

With over 27 years of experience, Erik has a client list that includes Disney, Intel, Amazon, Hennessy, and more. He has been working closely with Sony and Pinnacle Exhibits for ten years running. His talent for creating imagery has been seen in feature films (Beowulf, Surf’s Up, Ice Age), IMAX films, and numerous commercials. He has written, produced, and directed an award-winning short film, and has worked with esteemed directors such as Terry Gilliam.

Erik draws upon his mastery of digital tools and feature film methodologies to take images from design to completion, ensuring every photo tells a story and the quality is flawless.

What differentiates Erik from other photographers is his extensive understanding of lighting, composition, color correction, and retouching. With friendly professionalism, deep listening skills, and an understanding of each client’s needs, Erik provides the level of trust and excellence that keep clients coming back.

Erik’s inspiration comes from frequent travel, pop culture, fine art, movies, music, periodicals, digital publications, and architecture. He currently resides in Venice, California.

erik@erikborzi.com  |  310-242-3909

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