On multiple occasions, we proposed insanely demanding and seemingly self-contradicting project briefs meant to exhaust and exceed the capabilities of a mere human. Somehow, with Erik’s supernatural combination of talent, skill and connections, he created some of the most on-message yet avant-garde photography in our industry.

Erik is a super-nice guy and a true professional who will go to the end of the world to ensure client satisfaction. Once he gets there, he keeps going-to a visual place that is out of this world. Let him!
— Thorsten | Booq
It was a delight working with Erik on several photo shoots with Booq. He has a keen eye, is extremely talented and professional in setup and direction, and is a master of his technology and equipment. He brings calm, fun and positivity, which made for a great work environment.

The photos always turned out stunning and his skills in post-production took the images to a whole other level. I’d definitely work with Erik again and recommend him to any of my other clients and colleagues
— Jake | Booq
Pinnacle Exhibits has used Erik Borzi for several years for architectural photography. He seems to effortlessly capture and bring out the energy and beauty of our work. Erik is clear in his communication, keeps his promises and his projects flow smoothly. His image quality is dead-on, he’s creative and he takes time to listen.

I have found Erik to be a generous partner who is committed to our success.
— Giles | Pinnacle Exhibits
Erik Borzi is our go-to guy for our photography.

We have been using Erik for over five years and have been very pleased with his work. He has a great eye to capture the feeling and the style we are after. His organizational skills in setting up the models, lighting crew, and location are excellent. Come to think of it, we need to get some new photos soon for our company.

To summarize, Erik is awesome behind the camera and his computer skills to finish the work are amazing. Look no further if you want a heavy hitter to get the job done right.
— Michael | SleepyPod
Working with Erik was a wonderful experience. He is professional, talented and easy to work with. We got a lot of great images that we used for print, web and overall marketing. He has a great eye and is able to articulate many different styles. Would love the opportunity to work with him again!
— Maggie | Magali Design
I came to Erik with ideas for my holistic health consulting brand to put on a postcard. He then did something brilliant. He listened to what I was saying and how I was saying it. He captured me and my brand in a way that makes me so excited to represent! Not only that, but I spent the entire photo shoot crying because I was laughing so hard; truly spontaneous, relaxed and professional. I have been shot by some of the top photographers in NYC and L.A., but this was the first time I felt at ease, taken care of, and in my element as he was in his!

Ultimate best experience!
— Beth | YummeYou
Mr. Borzi is a phenomenal photographer with an eye for detail. His proficiency in lighting and high standard for quality is unparalleled. Erik completely understood the aesthetic I was looking to achieve, and achieve it he did. I had so much fun working with Erik on the shoot for the launch of my design studio. He made me feel really comfortable in front of the camera. Erik also has a natural grace with communication and is a great listener, an ability I believe is extremely important in steering a project in the right direction. I highly recommend working with him on your next creative project that involves lighting and photography. You will be impressed with what you get, and beyond that, you’ll likely end up with a quality friendship, to boot.

Thanks, Erik! Looking forward to our next shoot!
— Dara | FloraLux
Erik edited our short film The Tatanka Alliance and did color correction for it. He donated his time, which was a tremendous gift for our zero-budget project. He brought all his goodwill and his considerable skill sets—doing everything from setting up our live, long-distance working procedure to recommending and securing music and sound mixing help. I trust him completely and would recommend him to anyone.
— Frederick | Warrior Films
Erik did the most amazing job taking photos of me. I wish I could post the pictures because they speak for themselves! He has an amazing eye and I felt so comfortable with him photographing me. I would work with Erik again any time!
— Elizabeth B.
I had the pleasure to work with Erik Borzi on my latest design of a medical space in Beverly Hills. From my first contact with him, I saw his level of professionalism. He was able to quickly provide me with all the paperwork needed to access the commercial building (for insurance purposes). He arrived earlier than our actual appointment time, and I was impressed with all the equipment he supplied during our photo shoot, not to mention his innate talent for enhancing the details of interior spaces in his outstanding pictures. The whole process was fun, and most importantly, I couldn’t be happier with the final results. Thank you, Erik!
— Marta | In2DesignLA
We hired Erik to photograph multiple renovated suites at our hotel. He is a true professional who has quite an impressive arsenal of equipment. What I really like about Erik is his great professionalism, eye for detail and drive for absolute perfection—his keep-on-it-till-it’s-absolutely-right ethic. He was sure to check with our current website group to get the sizing requirements set up in advance. He is also meticulous in his post processing.
— Maureen | ICO Group