Charanpal | "With You Now" | Music Video

We are thrilled to share the recently released music video for recording artist Charanpal.  Erik wore multiple hats on this production, including: director, director of photography, editing, and color grading.  The video has gone viral and has been hit internationally!

To purchase Charanpal's album: Click Here

To learn more about the symbols (archetypes) used in the video, visit Charanpal's blog, Here.

JustFab | 2 Videos for In-House Usage

JustFab reached out to me to film and edit a series of interviews of their executive leadership team members for two in-house videos.  I had a blast collaborating with the JustFab team while creating these videos, which were sent out to JustFab's 2,000+ employees worldwide.  Here are some stills from the videos.